Welcome to Qi Akua
Energy flow of God
Qi is a Chinese word for Energy Flow or Life Force.
Akua is an Hawaiian word for God.
What it is
I work with Qi Akua (the energy flow of God).  It is a mix of the ancient form of a laying-on-of-hands blessing accompanied with some energy work that has some similarities to Reiki and/or Therapeutic touch.  The energy blessing may help you achieve enhancements spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically.  You may experience rejuvenation, comfort, peace, release of various levels and types of pain, enlightenment, and enhancement within one or more of the areas. Qi Akua Energy Blessing is an intuitive form of blessing and energy work which I have developed and practice.  Laying of hands on the crown of the head opens and seals the spirit/soul for blessings.  Additionally, the energy treatment may include the practitioner's hands being a few inches from the body or there may be some light touch (but not massage).